Sunday, May 30, 2010

Second chance, don't blew it...

If I was given a moment to think of things that I have done; be it right or wrong, good or bad; and at the same time lucky enough to be given a chance to request for one last wish before I die; what would my last wish be? Or rather, ideally, what kind of thing that I should request for.

If I am poor my whole life, I would probably asked for being richer. If I were stupid my whole life, I would probably asked for being wiser. If I were sick my whole life, I would definitely asked for being healthier. Needless to say, the ifs are endless..

But there is one particular thing that I have been longing all my life, I have been longing for a second chance. In fact I craved for a second chance. Now that I've got it, I'll make sure I will not blew it, because hardly one's fate is so fortunate to be given a second chance on a second chance....

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